Coronavirus (COVID19) update

We are doing our best to keep our patients and staff safe during the Coronavirus Pandemic while continuing to provide the medical care that our patients need.

Please do NOT come to the office if you have a fever, cough, shortness of breath or symptoms of a respiratory illness (cold or flu).

Please call us first and speak with us if you have any of those symptoms, have traveled to an affected area, or have been in contact with someone that is suspected to have (or has) Coronavirus before coming to the office. We do NOT have coronavirus test kits and are not equipped to see patients who may be infected.

We now have access to COVID-19 antibody testing.  These tests are for people who think they may have been infected in the past and are fully recovered.  If you are interested in testing for COVID-19 antibodies, please make an appointment for a  telemedicine visit.

Showing up to our office with COVID19 puts our vulnerable patients at risk and may cause our office to have shut down to quarantine staff.

We are working on converting as many visits to virtual visits (telemedicine) as possible.  Almost all insurances (with the exception of Medicare) we contract with are covering telemedicine just like a regular in person visit.  If you have an appointment coming up please consider converting.

There is no vaccine and there are no medications to treat COVID19.  If you have flu-like symptoms and a low grade fever or mild cough, then we recommend self-quarantine for at least 14 days.  If your fever is 102 or greater, you have difficulty breathing, or have a severe cough, then please call the office for recommendations on possible further evaluation. If you are over 65, have serious medical conditions or a compromised immune system you are especially vulnerable for more serious complications from this illness.

The only treatment at this time is isolation and supportive care to relieve the symptoms and allow the body to rid itself of the infection.  If you are only mildly ill, your best bet is to stay home and rest. We are offering virtual visits to help decide what treatment plan to follow and help you with personal recommendations for self care.

Here are some websites with more information:

CDC website

Virginia Department of Health

Fairfax County Health Dept

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