Massage Therapy

As a service to our patients, we are happy to welcome Taplin Arant, licensed massage therapist, to the office to use our space for integrative massage therapy.  As she is not a member of our staff and does not work for our office, please contact her directly for scheduling an appointment. See her website, NOVA Integrated Bodywork, for more information.

Taplin Arant is a licensed massage therapist who works closely with each client to address their specific needs. With a firm belief in the power of touch and a solid understanding of the physiology that accompanies it, she works with many different populations, including athletes, individuals with chronic conditions and those simply searching for a break from the everyday. Massage can help decrease stress and anxiety, rehabilitate from injury, and aid in the relief of chronic pain.

Taplin practices integrative massage. This means that, instead of having a list of modalities or types of massage to choose from, she pulls from all the skills and knowledge that she has acquired in her years of study and practice. This allows for a specific and personal session.

Taplin has been practicing massage therapy since 2011, is finishing a degree in rehabilitation science and kinesiology, has assisted in research at George Mason University in the Department of Rehabilitation Science, and is interested in pursuing her doctorate of physical therapy.

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