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October 2009   

The swine flu vaccine has arrived! We have received the first shipment of a limited number of H1N1 (swine) flu vaccines and are administering them now. We are vaccinating only high risk individuals right now; on Monday October 26 we will make the vaccine available to anyone who wants it. Please call for an appointment if you would like to be vaccinated. Please also read below for more specific information.

Unfortunately, we are already all out of regular flu vaccine. Right after they came in the recommendations were made to give them early this year. We had a huge demand, and before I could even send out a newsletter announcing that we had them, they were gone. I really apologize for those of you who didn’t get them, but fortunately they seem to be readily available at pharmacies and grocery stores in the area. We even inquired about getting more vaccine, but the suppliers are all out also. I think the manufacturers must be concentrating on producing enough H1N1 vaccine instead.

We have expanded our hours again! We will now be open on Saturdays also. Some of our hours have also changed a little, so I have listed below the hours we are open.

I’ve just found out that I made the list of “Top Rated Primary Care Physicians” in the Washington Consumers’ Checkbook. Thanks so much for rating us so highly; we received a rating of 100% for overall quality. I feel very honored!

Just a reminder - we are accepting new patients for all insurances (that we participate in), and appreciate any referrals you may send us. We try to see anyone who is ill the day they call (please call early, if at all possible though!), and can usually get you in within a few days for a regular appointment. If you see Hanh Tran, PA, or Misty Tax, NP, I am always available to them either in the office or by phone, and I encourage them to ask me questions about your care if either one has the slightest doubt. I also read every note they write on every visit, and if there is any question about what happened during that visit we will contact you to make further recommendations. Fortunately, they are both very good, and I rarely need to do that.

We have another cosmetic open house coming up. The last one was a great success, everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I had not planned to do another one this soon, but the Radiesse and Obagi people convinced me otherwise. It should be fun!

Please stay healthy! (and if not – you know where to find me)

To your good health!
Dr. Jasmine Moghissi

PS: As always, please feel free to forward this newsletter to your friends and colleagues. Even if they are not my patients, I'd be happy to have them as subscribers. Just click the "foward email" button at the bottom of the newsletter.

Please remember that this newsletter contains general medical information, but not medical advice. Please see me, or your regular doctor (if it is not me) to discuss these medical issues prior to acting on them.

  H1N1 AKA the Swine Flu

H1N1 burst onto the scene last spring (2009) causing much concern. There were quite a few deaths, especially in young people, which is unusual for the flu. It also caused illness throughout the entire summer, which is also quite unusual. Various health organizations jumped in, and a vaccine was quickly developed, tested, and produced. That vaccine has just been made available to the public. I’ve fielded lots of questions about the swine flu, and hopefully this will help answer some of those.

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 New Expanded Office Hours

The office is open:

Monday 7:30am – 6:00pm
Tuesday 7:30am – 8:00 pm
Wednesday 8:30am – 5:00pm
Thursday 7:30am – 8:00pm
Friday 7:30am – 4:00pm
Saturday 9:00am – 1:00pm

Please note that occasionally a provider will have a conflict and will not be able to work late or on Saturday. In that case the office may close earlier (weekdays) or not be open at all (Saturdays).

 Our Current Cosmetic Specials

This is a great month if you are looking for a deal!

We will be having a Radiesse and Obagi open house on Thursday November 12th from 5-7pm. There will be special deals, door prizes, and refreshments will be served. Please RSVP via email nurse@moghissimd.com or by phone 703 281 5560.

We are having a special on Elastiderm for the holidays. This is a great eye cream to help tighten up those baggy lids. The cream in a fancy makeup bag is now only $85. This also makes a great gift!

The $50 rebate on Botox was such a great success, that the manufacturer has issued new coupons, which are good until the end of the year. If you missed out last month, now’s your chance! There is a minimum purchase of 20 units.

Latisse is extremely popular because it works! We have not seen a single person who has not developed thicker, longer lashes. It costs $120 for a month’s supply, or you can get 2 for $222, during our current promotion. I have also been given a limited supply of $20 rebate coupons for Latisse, and we will give you one of those (while supplies last) when you buy 2. That brings the cost down to $202 for 2 (or $101 each). If you start now you won’t need mascara for the holidays!

We also have lots of holiday gift ideas and gift certificates for the upcoming holidays. We will have baskets and products in many price ranges, and are happy to custom make any combination you would like. Just ask.

Coming soon - Allergan has a new frequent flyer type promotion coming up called Brilliant Distinctions. I’m happy to report I have been selected to be a participating physician. Details to follow, but those of you who do Botox will get rebates which can be used towards more Botox, Juvederm or Latisse by participating in this program.

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About Dr. Jasmine Moghissi

Welcome to my family medical practice! We are delighted to be here in the Vienna/Fairfax area, which is where I live with my own family.

I treat people of all ages, and all conditions. My philosophy is to treat the whole person, and the whole family. As a family physician, I am trained to meet the health care needs of the entire family regardless of age, sex, or the nature of the illness. I am comfortable treating newborns, children, adults and the elderly. I perform routine physicals (including GYN exams), along with treating acute and chronic illnesses; however, I do not deliver babies.

In our practice, we treat all illnesses, but I do have some special interests and areas of expertise. I am an advocate of breastfeeding, and have assisted many moms and babies in becoming successful at it. I enjoy pediatrics and use my own experience as a mom to help my patients. I have extensive experience in women's health issues, and special interests in the prevention, treatment, and early diagnosis of diabetes and heart disease. I am honored that many specialists in the area routinely refer their patients to me for treatment of their medical and psychiatric problems. If you are looking for a partner in your family's quest for a healthy life, I would love to be your family doctor.

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