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 Flu Shots are in!
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September 2008   


Our flu vaccine is in, and we are ready to vaccinate.  Actually, we’ve had the vaccine for over a month, but since the season is so long, we will not start giving the shots until next week on Monday September 29th.  Last year the flu hit late (in the early spring) and those that had been vaccinated in September were not adequately covered.  I’ve included an article below which outlines who should get the flu shot, and why.

This year, we ask that you make an appointment before coming in for your flu shot.  That way we can make sure your paperwork is ready when you get here, and that not too many people arrive at the same time.  Hopefully that will allow us to give you your shot and get you out of the office and back on your way as quickly as possible.  We are charging $25 again this year.  We will bill your insurance, but if your insurance does not cover it you will also be billed for a vaccine administration fee (we waive the fee if we do not need to bill).

I’ve also included a flyer on our current cosmetic special.  I am offering a discount on Radiesse; a wrinkle filler.  We are doing this special in conjunction with the manufacturer, and the end date of September 30 is firm.  In comparing with other providers in the region, my prices are already quite reasonable, so the current discount really is “special”.  If you are interested, please call for a free skin consultation.

To your good health!
Dr. Jasmine Moghissi

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 The Flu

In the past several years we have seen lots of confusion surrounding the influenza illness and the vaccine.  Influenza causes anywhere from 20,000 to 40,000 deaths annually. Children and the elderly are especially at risk for severe cases requiring hospitalization, and 90% of flu deaths are seen among those over 65. The first cases of flu are usually seen in mid-October, and can continue until May. The strains responsible for the flu evolve each year, and may change as the season progresses.

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  Radiesse Special


Radiesse:  A natural look that lasts

Now for a limited time, $75 off per syringe!

Offer expires September 30, 2008

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