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Did you know that 94% of physicians recommend vitamins or minerals to their patients and that over 70% of the US population take supplements on a regular basis? Our modern diet is not always complete, so supplements can help us get those nutrients we have trouble getting as part of our daily diet.


Unfortunately, supplements are not always what they seem.

In a study published in 2013 (BM Medicine 2013 11:222) researchers obtained 44 different supplements manufactured by 12 different companies from retailers in the US and Canada.

  • 48% of the products had at least SOME of the main supplement listed on the label, BUT
  • 33% of those contained contaminants/fillers not listed on the label
  • 75% of the bottles had SOME of the ingredients listed BUT
  • only 2 of the 12 companies provided all the products listed on the label with no additional fillers or contaminants


In 2015 the New York Attorney General commissioned a study of herbal supplements pulled from 4 major retailers (GNC, Target, Walmart, Walgreens) and found


  • 79% either contained NO DNA from the plants listed on the label, or were contaminated with other plant material (hidden ingredients).
  • Target had the greatest “success” with labeling accuracy in this study, but even then 59% still did not contain any DNA listed on the label, or had contaminants not listed on the label.
  • Walmart was the worst – an overwhelming 96% of those tested did not contain ingredients that accurately represented what was on the label.

....So What Can You Do?


If you plan to take supplements (and that includes vitamins – BTW!), make sure it comes from a reliable source.


  • Raw materials should be tested, clean and in a bioavailable form, preferably NOT sourced from China or India. China and India offer cheap raw materials with little to no oversight and the majority of supplements on the market are sourced from these two countries. Better bioavailibilty means the supplement is more likely to make to the part of your body that needs it. It also means that it is less likely to hang around causing trouble (like in the GI tract where it can cause diarrhea, constipation or other digestive unpleasantness).
  • Manufacturing should be done in clean, dedicated rooms to avoid cross contamination & errors.
  • Finished products should be tested for identity, strength & purity.
  • Stability testing should be done after manufacture to confirm shelf life.
  • cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Practices) should be observed in an FDA audited facility, with additional 3rd party testing.


Why Do We Sell Supplements?


  1. Good supplements are difficult to find. We have spent much time finding supplements that are of high quality and have been independently tested to be safe, pure, bioavailable, and have a stable shelf life. We’ve done all the research for you.
  2. We are one of the few practices that offer integrative/functional medicine while taking insurance. This type of medicine takes time, and insurance does not adequately cover our expenses. Supplement sales help fill the insurance gap, and without the added revenue it provides, we would not be able to afford to provide you with this type of comprehensive and individualized service.


 - Dr. Moghissi

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